Del Puerto canyon Rd

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Description: Nice long ride, lots of switch back turns, elevation changes. There's a restaurant in the middle of the ride for lunch. Plus a observatory for sight seeing.
Added by: sc_m0ab05ebde0b2494495bb14b0f9b48eaf on 08/11/2017
Updated by: Vi_he4922b6db52e46478a5cb8eb6f0b63fc on 04/09/2019
Twisty Rating: 0
Distance: 17.35 miles


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sc_m0ab05ebde0b2494495bb14b0f9b48eaf Take it easy for the first time. And you'll enjoy it. If you go north at the restaurant it'll take you to Livermore.
Vi_he4922b6db52e46478a5cb8eb6f0b63fc First timers should definitely take it easy here. Lots of elevation changes, LOTS, sometimes you feel as if you're about to drive off a cliff as you're coming up a hill and can't see what's past it. As mentioned earlier, lots of hairpin turns, some really nice semi straight aways. Be wary of people and oncoming traffic, as there are TONS of blind corners. Be safe. 3/5 Hazard rating for the inexperienced.

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