Twisty Road Finder is a project that was created to consolidate all twisty road data in a single place making it easier to find fun riding roads. Unlike other sites out there our data is not 100% user generated, we've implemented algorithms to find twisty roads on the map that may not even be popular yet. We currently have 258403 Twisty Roads, and this number is going up by the day! Our Twisty Ratings are calculated by taking the average of the radii of the circles intersecting each set of 3 points along the route. The higher the Twisty Rating, the greater the number of bends in the road. This algorithm has allowed us to pinpoint curvy roads all over the globe procedurally using open source mapping data.


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Mobile and Tablet Applications

We currently have deployed web-based applications for Windows 10, Amazon Alexa, and Android. If you have a compatible device you should download the corresponding app for extra navigation and searching features.


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