Lime Creek

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Description: Lots of tight corners with ups and downs. High skill level required foro brisk pace. Take it easy and learn the road. It's had more crashes than you can imagine.
Added by: Wilsonized on 10/05/2016
Updated by: al_m07da2f42a91b4a8aacafef169a776465 on 04/29/2019
Twisty Rating: 8239.92
Distance: 15.61 miles


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al_m07da2f42a91b4a8aacafef169a776465 Best road in the Austin area but be aware of hidden driveways and cyclists. Residents can also get annoyed with fast drivers. Like the description says, go slow your first few times!!! There have been multiple crashes and deaths on this road due to how sharp these turns get.

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