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Description: About a 40 mile loop by the city of Newburg. Heavy elevation changes, a variety of corner types, and a scenic drive through Mark Twain National Forest. Recommended to go clockwise to best handle a few dangerous corner combinations.
Added by: Th_sb1adeddf74034fe6badb2b4f67995ab2 on 11/20/2018
Updated by: Th_sb1adeddf74034fe6badb2b4f67995ab2 on 11/20/2018
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Distance: 11.57 miles


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Th_sb1adeddf74034fe6badb2b4f67995ab2 A couple of corners have gravel roads coming on to them causing some gravel to build up on the outside. Great road other than that, zero traffic on it.
Da_k4d87bb351f744e9abd08ce9758953199 Really enjoy this route! one of my favorites in the area (and there are alot of winding roads in this area.) watch out for gravel on parts of P and T, and ALWAYS drive respectfully though the town of Newburg, The cops in town have no mercy from what I understand. J and M are both pretty well paved. Very low traffic in general.

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